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Keep in contact with friends and loved ones
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You Don't Have to Be Military Connected
To Make A Difference

You can just be here to support us...
it really can mean a lot

Chat Privately One On One... or
Join A Group You Can Relate To

If you don't find a group that fits...
create one and invite others to join

Leave & Listen To Voice Messages...
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Deployments should never keep you away
from family and friends
Sometimes they might just need
to hear your voice

Never Miss A Special Moment
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Connection Tools

Connect 1 on 1 and in groups! Share photos, videos, documents and screen shots with advanced messaging, chats, HD audio & video calls… and more!

Resource Library

Having access to support and service resources is as important to support groups and family members as it is to our active military and veterans.

Current Military News

News feeds helping to keep you up to date with National Security, National Defense, U.S. Military, U.S. Veterans & Department of Veterans Affairs news.

Why a Magnificent Heroes Account?

Select the perfect forms of communication for all of your special occasions…
loved one’s birthday or the holidays… share an achievement or special event.

Maybe you just want to send a reminder or share photos and documents?


We ensure your privacy so your connections remain encrypted. No one apart from you… not even us, can read or listen to them.


Your safety will always be our priority. We will never tamper with or share any of the information that you use in your account.


Magnificent Heroes’ user interface is a modern layout that is mobile friendly and easy to customize for your best experience.

Magnificent Heroes Membership Features

As a dedicated social network, Magnificent Heroes provides our members with everything needed to build and maintain a strong support group.

Easy Flexible Communication

Post your thoughts to your profile stream or send messages to friends or groups. Text, audio and HD video chatting makes staying in touch easy.

Dedicated Chat Rooms

Gather and chat with some old friends or make new friends chatting in one of our topic focused chats for benefits to military spouse issues.

Member To Member Classifieds

Buy, sell or make announcements with our absolutely  free member to member classified ads. From realestate to auto parts… list it here.

Shop For Gift Products

Find the perfect gifts by shopping in one of our affiliated online store locations. Get Magnificent Heroes logo merchandise and more.

Magnificent Heroes should be your go-to solution when you need to stay connected.

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